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Secure Messaging

Here at ProCall, we not only work hard to keep our technology up to date for speed and delivery, but also for security. We hold ourselves to the highest level of security by following HIPAA guidelines for our answering services.

Every operator is trained and certified in HIPAA Compliance.  HIPAA Compliance training is required for any company that provides services to a healthcare organization.  Our HIPAA training covers privacy, security and the importance of messages being confidential information.

Our technology works with a phone app and a web portal to deliver messages securely.  We have teamed up with OnPage to deliver your messages directly to your phone.  Through the app, you can change the ringtone for these messages, reply to the messages and even forward them as needed. Our web portal gives you flexibility to access your messages from your browser.  View your messages, change your on call table and manage your contact list all within our portal.

See what our customers say.

“I am very happy with everything ProCall does for my practice. OnPage and the portal provide a higher level of service that helps our patients get the service they deserve.”

Dr. Bush Private Family Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

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