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What are your hours?
We answer calls 24/7.  Holidays, weekends, we always keep the lights on.
How do I get a report of my calls?
Contact your account manager or send an email to for an up to date report on your calls.

What is the sign up process?

All we need is how you want your calls answered and your messages delivered.  We do all of the programming and provide you with a call forwarding number.

Get in touch.

Do you have an app?
Yes!  We’ve partnered with OnPage to give you secure messaging, easily accessible through your phone.
Does your power ever go out?
Yes our power goes out, but we have backup systems and backup call centers to ensure that your calls are still answered.  We understand the importance of every call and will make sure that your calls stay answered.
What if my business grows?
We hope it does!  We hope that we give you more time in your day, to do more and make more.  If your call volume goes up with that, we can make you a new custom package.
How many customers do you have?
We have over 200 customers in just about every industry. 

See what our customers say.

“We are very happy with the way that ProCall is able to split up calls by routes and technicians. This saves us a tremendous amount of time.”

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