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What is an Answering Service?

Meet ProCall, your answering service.  ProCall makes sure your messages are delivered to you without you having to answer the phone. We give you back more time in the day.

All we do is answer phones, so you can trust that your customers are always receiving the customer service that you built your business on.

We answer phones at all hours, on holidays, weekends, and don’t let mother nature get in our way. With agents in multiple locations, all US based, we have back up for when things go wrong.

Consider us your answering and messaging service.  ProCall answers your calls, with a greeting exactly the way you want, the way you would answer (or the way you wish you could answer).  Then after we answer, we take down the information you want us to, or the way you could if you always had a pen and paper handy.  After we take down the message, we deliver it to you.

Delivery options include text, email, phone, patch, portal, and pager (we like to have our bases covered).

Think of ProCall as your receptionist, answering your phones and delivering your messages when you can’t get to it (or all the time).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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